Webmail Choices

Flying Mouse Programming

FMP offers two different flavors of webmail. You may use either one at any time. Any changes to your email or email folders made in one will show up in both.

Select your preferred webmail program from the menu on the left.

Courier Webmail provides a handsome and versatile interface with many features which are tightly integrated with FMP's Courier email system. In addition to the standard webmail features, Courier Webmail allows you to change your mail password, set up local filters based on content, set up autoreplies and do a number of other administrative tasks to determine how your email is handled. Courier Webmail is called "SqWebMail". Please don't confuse it with "SquirrelMail", below.
SquirrelMail has what some people consider to be the best user interface available in a webmail program. You can configure the look and feel of SquirrelMail with "themes" and font size selections. You can filter spam from your mail using a number of spam-blocking services, configure message highlighting, set up a personal dictionary and accomplish a number of useful tasks not available in Courier Webmail.

SquirrelMail will be updated frequently and is under active development, so you may expect to see more features added on a regular basis.

Both webmail programs offer spell checking, mail folders, management of mail attachments and other features expected of a modern Internet webmail program.

Please note that while FMP guarantees the integrity and standards compliance of its Internet mail services, Squirrelmail and Courier Webmail are not included in this guarantee, but are provided as-is as a customer convenience. While every effort has been made to insure that they work properly, they are 3rd party software and are only as good as the the work that has gone into creating and maintaining them. If you encounter problems in using them, please contact FMP technical support and I'll do what I can to address them, but repairs and changes to the underlying software are not FMP's responsibility.

For best results with FMP's webmail, enable both cookies and JavaScript in your browser.