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Usage Policies

FMP web hosting customers are expected to keep their websites in good working order. Some breakage is inevitable, and sooner or later all links go stale. If you maintain your own website, please take the time to validate the links within in from time to time, and fix or remove stale links or other breakage. This is primarily a consideration for your top level page, which represents your business. Broken websites on a server invite curiosity from folks we'd rather not have as visitors, and who might be interested in what else might be broken and potentially vulnerable on our server! We have had break-ins, all of which were traced to outdated and vulnerable active code.

User Account Security Breaches

System security is a growing issue affecting all hosting services, website designers and system administrators. Every FMP customer is responsible for the security of their resources at FMP. This includes:

  • The use of secure passwords for all resources - system (FTP) accounts, mailboxes, databases, etc.
  • Proper guarding of all passwords used on their resources at FMP. No password used at FMP should be used on any other system, anywhere.
  • Correct use of PHP scripting to insure that customer-written PHP applications are secure from hostile exploitation.
  • Diligent research on and ongoing care of installed 3rd party applications. This applies especially to 3rd party PHP applications such as WordPress.
FMP customers are responsible for any damages, cleanup, interruption of service or other system-wide consequence of the exploitation of security holes in installed software or PHP scripts. Time spent in repairing or cleaning up after such a breach of security will be billed at standard FMP rates.

Additionally, any use of FMP's facilities for sending large quantities of spam resulting from a security breach due to improper use of passwords, or the use of insecure passwords, or the installation and exploitation of insecure software, which can be traced back to a specific account will result in a surcharge of $150 to the owner of said account over and above any cleanup costs, as noted above.

Use of Your Account For File Storage

FMP does not enforce storage quotas, however keep in mind that your FMP account file space is intended for your use as part of your online web presence. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for distribution of data for public access which has community value. Posting of illegal or copyrighted data or software is strictly prohibited and such data is subject to administrative removal without notice. Repeated posting of illegal or pirated material is grounds for termination of your account.

If you have large files which you need to store online and share privately with others there are commercial cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive which are designed for this purpose. Please don't use FMP's server for this purpose.

Billing and Payment Policies

Invoices and statements for FMP services go out between the 1st and the 10th of every month and are due by the end of the month. Accounts with unpaid invoices or charges between 30 and 60 days overdue (from the posting date) will be contacted by phone or email to resolve any confusion or disagreement with regard to the billing amount and to clarify FMP billing policy. Accounts with balances over 60 days* overdue, dated from the posting date, are subject to suspension of all services. Please refer to your statement to determine the status of your account.

NSF Check Policy

Checks returned to FMP for insufficient funds will not be resubmitted for collection. A $20 returned check fee will be charged to the account and if the returned check was in payment of a balance more than 60 days overdue, all services provided to the account will be subject to immediate suspension until the account is paid in full.

Suspended Accounts

Suspension of service disables private access to your account space, including FTP access to your web directory and access to any mail accounts via POP, IMAP or FMP's webmail. Public access to your website, if any, will be disabled. Email lists will refuse submissions. Your domain name will continue to function and mail will continue to be received on the system for you or redirected according to prior instructions. Any email being held on the system for you may be retrieved on payment of the total amount due. If your past due balance is paid by check, your FMP account will be reinstated after your check has cleared our bank, usually within 5 to 10 business days.

FMP will take whatever legal action is necessary pursuant to collection of the statement balance due, plus any collection expenses incurred, on accounts which have been suspended for 30 days or more and on which full payment has not been received.

* Accounts with a history of payment problems may, at FMP's discretion, be required to stay more current than this with overdue balances, or even to make payments in advance for services. It should be understood that FMP's standard policy of billing for services provided after the fact constitutes an extension of credit and such credit may be revoked at any time.


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