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FMP's Policy On Customer Registered Domain Names and Name Servers

FMP will support domain names registered by our customers outside of FMP's registrations account with; however, FMP will assume no responsibility for the payment of registration (or re-registration) fees to other registrars, and the maintenance of name server information for such names will be strictly the customer's responsibility.

If you have web or email services at FMP, supported by a domain name or names registered elsewhere, and if your website and/or your email service go dark to the Internet due to a registration lapse or incorrect configuration, the responsibility for the outage and for correcting the problem is entirely yours.

The current correct name servers for your domain name may be found using a good Whois Service and looking up FMP.COM. If you have a domain name or names registered through your own registrar, you should check the name servers listed for FMP.COM regularly, and should they change, as they may, you should configure your domain name accordingly.

Please do not make me, or FMP, the administrative, technical or billing contact for your customer registered domain. Maintenance of your customer registered domains is your responsibility. The only reference to FMP in your name registration should be to FMP's designated name servers, as noted above.

If you have a domain name registered elsewhere and wish to have the registration transferred to one of FMP's registrars, I will be happy to help you with the transfer at no cost. You will retain full ownership of your domain name and will be free to transfer the registration elsewhere in the future if you wish to do so. ICANN rules require that a year's registration be added each time a domain name registration is transferred to another registrar. Standard FMP rates apply for this additional year, as noted on the FMP Services Page

Some FMP customers chose to run their own name servers and have FMP's name registrations point to them instead of FMP's name servers. While this may be done in special circumstances for established accounts, this configuration is not available for new accounts, and under no circumstances will FMP be liable for errors in either the name zones (obviously!) or for changes to the registered name servers which may break name service for the affected names. The only fully supported and guaranteed name service configuration is for names registered by FMP through our preferred registration account, with the designated name servers being those operated and managed by FMP. The domain name system is quite flexible, and if necessary, parts of domain names zones may be delegated to name servers elsewhere, but the ability to adjust DNS records as necessary must remain under FMP's control.

Under no circumstances will FMP provide account service for domain names which are both customer registered and for which the name servers of record are not FMP's.

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FMP Computer Services
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